Our Team

Thomas Shields


Thomas Shields, founder of Shields Plumbing, has been plumbing Commercially since 1985. With over 35 years of experience, Thomas expertly leads his team to complete all jobs, big and small. Despite the demanding challenge of running a small business, Thomas has never stopped working on site, always ensuring quality, expertise, and honesty are a part of his and his team's work.

Blaine McKelvey


Blaine McKelvey has been plumbing for a total of 20 years, and a member of the Shields Plumbing team for 8 of them. Dependable and professional, Blaine has moved his way on up through the company, becoming the minority partner of Shields Plumbing. Though now at a higher position, Blaine still puts his plumbing expertise to good use, attending and working on site for every job that Shields Plumbing takes on.

Curtis Benbrook

Team Member

A member of Shields Plumbing since 2010, Curtis Benbrook has always been a valuable employee, never failing to keep the other team members smiling while keeping them in line. Throughout his 20 years of plumbing, Curtis has always been happy to get into the trenches and do his job. Unafraid of a little dirt, Curtis is a valuable and skilled member of the team who has always kept his head on his shoulders and smiles on others faces.