Your Plumbing Problems, Solved

We tackle leak repairs and more in Carmichael, Citrus Heights & Orangevale, CA

Having trouble with your plumbing? Shields Plumbing will identify the issue in your home and address them quickly. Our experts conduct video camera inspections to locate issues in Carmichael, Citrus Heights & Orangevale, CA, and we repair the ones we find quickly. With our assistance, your plumbing will be back in tiptop shape soon.

Speak to one of our professionals today if you need leak repair services.

Meeting your plumbing needs

From leak repairs to garbage disposal repairs, our experts do it all.

We can:

  • Repair leaks
  • Clean drains
  • Detect leaks
  • Inspect drains
  • Remove clogs
  • Repair slab leaks
  • Snake plumbing lines

We do video inspections to locate clogs and determine the best ways to address them. During this time, we also check for any potential plumbing issues and will let you know if we catch anything that needs to be repaired. Schedule a video camera inspection today.

    Water Leaks

    Water bill rising? It might be time to check for leaks.

    Water leaks are a serious issue, and that's why our professionals at Shields Plumbing will respond and repair any leakage your pipes might have as fast as possible.

    Why are my pipes leaking?

    There are a multitude of reasons as to why your pipes may be leaking. Some of these reasons may be, but not limited to are:

    • poor or faulty installation
    • corrosion
    • result of clogged or backed up sewage
    • aging/wear and tear
    • chemical cleaners

    If your water bill is getting higher without a change in fee, it may very well be due to a leak. Call us today at 916-695-6928 to repair any leaks, and lower that water bill for you.

    Video Inspection

    Video Inspection

    What is It?

    We will inspect your pipes with the latest, high tech cameras so we can accurately pinpoint any clogs, leaks, cracks or any other type of fault in your pipes. In addition to this, you can use the recordings for insurance purposes if there are faults within the pipe. Call today 916-695-6928

    Benefits of a video inspection

    It's similar to a doctor giving you a diagnosis. With video inspection, you'll know the exact source, what the problem is, and what steps to take to cure your pipes so that they work they way they are supposed to.

    Drain Cleaning

    Having major blockage? Call us today.

    Need to clear any buildup in your drains? Our trained professionals have it covered. Whether it be bathroom drains, sink drains, or laundry drains, with our professional plumbers, we will have your drains running smoothly in no time, no matter the drain! Call today 916-695-6928

    Why call us?

    An untreated drain causes more problems than you'd think. If left untreated, the blockage will bottle up, a perfect place for harmful bacteria to hang out, while also emitting a foul odor. In addition to this, the longer you leave the pipe alone, the more prone your pipes are to severe damage. Call today, 916-695-6928 and schedule an appointment. Our professionals know exactly how to approach drains, and we will have your drains running perfectly after our services.

    Water Filtration

    Whole house filter!

    Instead of individually filtering your fixtures such as sinks, refrigerators, etc. We can install a whole house filter, which can provide filtered water to everything in your house. Such as your bathtub and hose bibs. The benefits are amazing! No more chlorine in your hair and skin and tap water is drinkable with no contaminants. Plus, it protects your piping from corrosion since there are no chemicals. We recommend this for every house! It is low cost, easy maintenance. You only need to change one filter, once a year! Call today to make an appointment or get an estimate at 916-695-6928